Our Programs

Focus On Healing Wellness Institute is the home of Reflexology Training for beginners and practitioners. We've been teaching Reflexology since 1992 to the general public and healthcare professionals. At FOH, we teach the ancient Reflexology techniques as used by the Reflexology Masters. We offer two Reflexology training programs,  Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™ and Touchology Pain Relief Therapy™. Our programs are available to everyone who wants to learn Reflexology and how to use it effectively in relieving pain, reducing stress and relaxing the mind, body and spirit. At FOH we are also a resource center for Health and Wellness services, programs and support network for healthcare practitioners and the general public

Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™
This online Reflexology training program is for the lay public specifically or anyone who wants to learn basic Reflexology to relieve pain, reduce stress and relax the body. This class teaches how to do first aid pain relief Reflexology Pain Relief (RPR). RPR our premier Reflexology training program for self use or shared with family and friends who suffer with pain and want medication and addiction-free pain relief.

Touchology Pain Relief Therapy™
This online Reflexology certification program is for healthcare practitioners. The training is open to practitioners who do “hands-on” medication-free pain relief treatment/therapy. This program teaches practitioners how to integrate Reflexology into existing practice to offer a specialized pain relief treatment/therapy for pain sufferers seeking practitioners who provide medication and addiction-free pain relief services. Learning how to integrate Reflexology into your modality allows you to be a pain relief specialist with a winning pain relief solution that addresses the opioid epidemic plaguing our community.