Training and Enrollment Information


Online LearningAt Focus On Healing Wellness Institute we know that time and financial pressures can make it difficult to commit to the taking training course in Reflexology. If you’re not in a rush to complete your training, you’re already working full time or you have a family, and other outstanding commitments our online training program could be a great option to get you started in the comfort of your home and on your own time schedule.

Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Certification Requirements:
No formal qualifications are necessary for the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Certification Course. For many people historically, this will be the first serious study undertaken since leaving school or having a family.

The Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Certification training will offer all that is needed for you to confidently achieve your goal! There is an online enrollment and interview form to complete to get the training process started.

Upon completing the enrollment and registration process our only request is that you have a genuine interest and desire in wanting to learn reflexology and help as many people as you can to achieve health and wellness!

200 hours of class tuition that will include: 60 classroom hours; 80 documented sessions (each one hour long); 60 hours of home study from Study Guide, practice technique with video and monthly conference call with instructor.

  • History & Theory of Reflexology
  • Zone Therapy
  • Hand and Foot Mapping
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Body systems: introduced in a simple and understandable way at a preliminary level as related to Reflexology
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology Techniques
  • Documentation
  • Reflexology as a Profession
  • Reflexology as a Business: practice and ethics
  • Hands-on Reflexology Application: The practicum consists of 40 Feet and  40 Hand Reflexology sessions done according to the student’s own timetable.


  •  Basic Technique: Learn the thumb and finger walk (the basic reflexology technique) and how to apply it to the feet and hands.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Students learn relaxation techniques to apply to feet and hands before and after a session
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Basic anatomy and physiology as applied to the feet and hands.  A study of all body systems including Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology of the Foot and Hand
  • Documentation: Students learn how to document a reflexology session, allowing them to track a client’s progress
  • Business Practices and Reflexology Marketing: Learn the basic aspects of marketing your Reflexology practice.  Basic business standards and practices pertaining to Reflexology.How to set up a reflexology business;  advertising and Code of Ethics
  • Reflexology Practicum: Students provide Reflexology sessions to family and friends in the community that is monitored by an assigned Certified Reflexology Mentor in your community
  • Reflexology Preparation: Review entire study guide and technique application in preparation for the final exam with Instructor

The requirement for certification in Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ is:

  • Complete all weekly training assignments
  •  Attend all monthly webiniar and teleseminar trainings (all online classes will be recorded)
  • Attend monthly individual consultation with Instructor
  • Pass quiz and written final exam (don’t let this stress out you will pass)
  • Complete and submit required number of practicum case studies

The tuition will include:

  • One-on-One Individual Consultation with Instructor
  •  Class Hand-out Materials
  • Monthly Live Q & A session with Instructor
  •  Video and Audio Material
  •  Hand and Foot Reflexology 8½” x 11″ Study Chart
  •  Reflexology Certification with diploma and transcript

Enrollment in the 16 week online training program

  • Tuition deposit of $25.00 (non-refundable)
  • Monthly Tuition Payments for 4 months of $99.00.This allows you to receive new class training material every 30 days during the 4 month training program.
  •  No class material will be sent until required monthly tuition is paid. You pay as you complete the monthly training materials. This is a “Pay as You Go” program.
  • You have 9 months to complete the certification training program.
  • *Training Practicum fee of $45.00 is not included in the tuition. It is a separate fee that covers grading, monitoring and evaluating before diploma and transcript is awarded


Step One: Complete the Registration Form…..   

Step Two: Pay Your First Month $99.00 Tuition……