• Thank you Njideka! I have lots and lots of gratitude and appreciation for the reflexology training I received. Thank you for creating such an amazing program, with such high and loving energy. It all seems natural to me now because the training was easy to learn and understand. I can be a successful reflexologist ~ Tina Hobson, Dayton, OH
  • Njideka….It was a great pleasure to have been in your reflexology class. Thank You for your patience and assistance during the lectures and assignments. Your class has prepared me to become a successful practitioner in the field of complementary therapies ~Michael Colbert, Washington, DC
  • Njideka gives her students an “unbelievable” amount of information, time and energy. Her ability to teach Reflexology in a way that makes learning stress free and fun is a gift ~ Mazie Coleman, Washington, DC
  • As a former student of reflexology, I found Njideka Olatunde to be a very patient, understanding, and creative instructor. As a colleague, Ms. Olatunde continues to encourage her former students and has demonstrated throughout the years that she is forthright and supportive. I highly recommend Njideka Olatunde, owner of Focus on Healing ~ Malaika Marian Tucker, Washington, DC
  • Njideka is a wonderful health practitioner. She trained me and my team with reflexology. Her skills are unparalleled in the community. I would recommend her as an instructor or practitioner to all ~ Alison Henderson CEO & Doctor at Miracle Wellness Clinics, Washington, DC


  • Thank you so much for participating in our health and beauty show. Your Reflexology expertise in the classroom was greatly appreciated ~ Joyce Desmarais, Nail Source Division of Davidson Beauty Supply Maryland
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Njideka Olatunde a visionary ahead of her time and truly remarkable talent who embraces the concept of teaching one of the most important aspects of life: Health is Wealth,Wealth is Health in helping youth, people, businesses, and organizations realize and embrace the importance of living and giving a healthy lifestyle. She embodies the importance of how financial health plays an integral part in our overall lives. Her business training for healthcare practitioners and her reflexology students is truly unique in her delivery model concept far different from the standard which places her above and beyond the times. You would not want to miss being a participant in her programs or training. She is truly an asset and outstanding role model, speaker and trainer. I look forward to working with her again on many new joint business ventures. ~ Regina W Hubbard, CEO/ Owner Ashme Associates Consulting”
  • My experience with reflexology training programs has been about 50/50.There are SO many online programs out there, that are quite honestly selling hype and bunch of bull that is worthless at best or harmful at worst. Njideka’s programs are the real deal! Working with Njideka and the 21st Century Practitioner program we quickly got right to the core of my marketing problem and what was holding me back. Things have already started to shift for me and my reflexology business! It really is true that not knowing how to market will hinder us from achieving business success ~ Tracy L., Reflexologist Saint Ann, Jamaica
  • I have had the pleasure of watching Njideka Olatunde weave her magic and transform the lives of many healthcare professionals for the past three years. Njideka is an unstoppable force, working tirelessly to help healthcare practitioners fulfill their purpose, decrease their stress and expand their lives so they are living wondrous lives of happiness,prosperity and fulfillment. Njideka is highly intuitive and in minutes she is able to identify the fears that are holding you back. She is great at helping you identify the negative emotions that are controlling your actions. Njideka then gently, but powerfully guides healthcare practitioners through their fears and challenges assisting them to come up with action plans to break through and become unstoppable in every area of their personal and professional life. I highly recommend that every healthcare practitioner who is struggling and feel as if they have lost their vision to work with Njideka Olatunde and enroll in her programs at focusonhealing.com. Working with Njideka will be the greatest gift you ever gave yourself; you will find happiness and fulfillment in your life once more. ~ Heatherr Jumah,CEO & Founder at Creating Fame Online & Send Me Patients,Business and Marketing Consultant for Small Business, San Diego, CA


  • Njideka is truly an inspirational and motivational leader. I have known Ms. Njideka for over 10 years, as her student, colleague and business partner. She is a creative and skillful practitioner and continues to advocate for change in the health care industry by promoting high quality holistic services. Njideka demonstrates professionalism and dedication to work with her clients and students ~Lisa Willis,PhD. Community Health Initiatives, Inc. Clinical Director, Tai Sophia Institute, Laurel, Maryland
  • “I have had the wonderful opportunity to come to know Njideka as both a colleague and a business development expert over the past several years. Her expertise as a business and personal development coach is astounding.Her mission is a very personal one. To want to see healthcare professionals become their very best both as individuals and in their careers, is at the heart of all of her endeavors  and I am both privileged and overjoyed to be able to recommend her to anyone who is seeking to grow as both an individual and as a business person. She offers the best of her gifts and talents to extract  and develop the best of your gifts and talents. There is no one better at this! ~ Tamara Gray
  • Njideka is a great coach and mentor who inspired confidence in me to take the necessary steps to create change in my business. Her strategies were instrumental in my taking a “leap of faith” that led to professional growth. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to make a life-style change in your personal life or business.” ~ Donna Beasley, Client Services Manager at the Genesis Pod Atlanta GA
  • Njideka is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have collaborated on several projects and her work with women is remarkable. Highly recommended.”~ Julie Spira , CEO, Social Media And More, San Diego, CA
  • I have worked with Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde for more than twenty years and have seen her teach, advise and heal the community in the Washington D.C. area as well as outside of the United States. She has a wealth of knowledge in the field of health and healing. She also has a love for the feature generation, where she teaches our children at an early the art of self healing as well as methods of healing others. If you ever get the opportunity to sit and talk with Dr. Olatunde it will be a reward. ~ Akmal Muwwakil, Owner, The Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation, Inc, Mitchellville, MD
  • “What an Awesome Entrepreneur Sistah Njideka is and her passion in healing and in sharing the education of it goes truly unnoticed! Sistah Njideka is a healer spiritually, mentally and physically. She is truly a great business associate and a good friend. Women Entrepreneurs of America is truly honored to know Njideka!” ~ Yolanda Lamar-Wilder, Founder And National President, Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc. Indiana, ID