Three Reasons to Try Reflexology

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Thirty plus years in this field have revealed to me that there are three major reasons that people seek out Reflexology. As a Reflexologist, think about the people who come to you for a Reflexology session. I believe you will have a similar conclusion as I did.

Body Pain Map 314x231 One is for stress and pain relief; a desire for the body to return to a state of relaxation and being free of pain. It is a known fact that body cannot heal until it is in a state of rest and relaxation, which means relaxation is the basis of health. If we are in the business of promoting health and wellness the bottom line is achieving long-lasting health and wellness. To achieve this result, the focus is on eliminating the absence of a relaxed mind and body.
Because of its effect on the central nervous system,Reflexology has a remarkable ability to deeply relax both body and mind.
Reflexology shifts the autonomic nervous system from the sympathetic state (in which we are interacting with and responding to the world around us) to the healing parasympathetic state.

In the parasympathetic state, brain wave patterns shift from the fast beta levels to the slower alpha and theta levels, the only conditions in which the body can relax and rejuvenate itself. For many people, the only time in which they experience themselves in a relaxed state is when receiving Reflexology.

Family Reflexology 2 Just learning some basic Reflexology techniques can also produce some amazing stress and wellness relief for the body, mind and emotions you will appreciate.

The second reason people include Reflexology in their lives is to address chronic pathologies. Reflexology is a unique manual therapy, which is capable of influencing homeostasis and functioning of all of the body’s internal systems. A certified Reflexologist can create a very specific wellness plan that will positively support the health of the body’s systems, organs, cells and glands. Just think of Reflexology as being a “chemical-free” approach to body wellness.

Hand and Foot Pain

Another time people turn to reflexology is when their feet and/or hands hurt. The pain may be associated with an injury, plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sprains and /or breaks, to name a few.

Each of these conditions demands a different focus and each of them is helped with a specific careful and detailed Reflexology session integrated with other alternative healthcare practices, suggested exercise, nutritional evaluations based on a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology of the nervous system.
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When a Reflexologist looks at the body system they are better able to stimulate the nerve endings to release the toxins and impurities that are causing blockage that is a big contributor to the pain in the feet and hands.

As a Reflexologist or a potential client what do you see as reason for a Reflexology session?
If you have never had a Reflexology session try it your feet and hands will say “Thank You Thank You Thank you” Reflexology Motivation 600x698

If you are a Reflexology looking for more clients ask existing clients for testimonials on the reason they like Reflexology. Leave a comment and let me hear from you on Why You Should Try Reflexology.