Training Online Questions

Can You Possibly Learn Everything You Need to Learn On-Line?

You can participate in a training program that fits your own learning style, which is what an online course does. You can schedule your training class work to be compatible with your own personal schedule. If you have a job and/or a family to take care of, your online training program can be adapted to fit into your lifestyle.

  • The sessions are recorded on video. This makes it so easy for you to view each training session when and how often you want to.
  • With an online training program you eliminate the need to travel to and from class. In addition to cutting out the commute you also save time and money associated with traveling to a class. This alone is a big benefit as it relates to the economic savings that an online class provides.
  • With our on-line training program,your training materials (videos, MP3 and Teleseminars) are all internet based and this supports the environment and is cost effective for you the student.
  • If you don’t understand a lesson, you can speak with an assistant trainer in addition to a monthly class review session with your Instructor
  • The exams and quizzes are not stressful or intimating like offline training programs
  • Your courses (and instructor!) are available 24 hours a day!If you are not successful training online is because you failed to set a time to attend class online

Attending an online training program allows you to receive more one-on-one attention not available in offline training programs. This means you have lots different ways to communicate with your Instructor on a 24/7 basis.

This way of learning and training is the way of the future thanks to technology. Many organizations, universities, schools and businesses are offering training classes online. Research has found that taking classes online is the number choice for students and educators.

How does Focus On Healing Wellness Institute teach Reflexology Online?

  • We utilize state of the art delivery of training and materials, with videos and MP3 you can watch and listen to when and as often as you want. The course training materials can be download and print if you prefer having a hard copy.
  • You will receive handouts, charts, weekly quizzes to enhance and support what you are learning. Each lessons builds upon each other to prepares you  to successfully complete the training program.
  • Monthly webinars and teleseminars, with your Instructor to help you stay focus in achieving your desired goal to of receiving training in Reflexology.
  • One-on-one consultation monthly with your Instructor is an added plus in building confidence and receiving encouragement and support.

How long is the certification training process to become a Reflexologist trained in the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Method Online?

One of the great benefits of being trained online is that a student attends training according to their own personal schedule work in according to their own learn style.

Most students complete the program in the 4 month period, others take the extended allotment completion time of 9 months –it depends on how much available time you have each week/month to apply to their studies.

How do you become certified in the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Method?

  • Enroll in the 16 week online training program
  • Complete the monthly training assignments
  • Attend the weekly teleseminar trainings (which are record)
  • Attend the monthly 1on1 consultation with Instructor
  • Pass exams; complete and submit required number of practicum case studies

What will I learn in the course?

When you enroll in the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ Certification program you will learn:

  • History & Theory of Reflexology
  •  Zone Therapy
  • Hand and Foot Mapping
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Body systems: introduced in a simple and understandable way at a preliminary level as related to Reflexology
  •  Hand and Foot Reflexology Technique Training
  • Documentation
  • Reflexology as a Profession
  • Reflexology as a Business: practice and ethics
  • Hands-on Reflexology Application: Practicum of 50 Foot and Hand Reflexology sessions done according to the student’s own timetable.

All the necessary instruction, helpful resource and support materials  as well as Reflexology session documentation and health forms are included in the training materials.

Who enrolls and is attracted to this course?

Men and women from all walks of life, who have a genuine desire to learn Reflexology and want to help others, are attracted to this course. Our Egyptian Reflexology Therapy™ online training program may be taken at any time by students worldwide.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes! Focus On Healing Wellness Institute will give you a Reflexology diploma and transcript upon successful completion of the training program.

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