Reflexology Certification Questions


What is Reflexology Certification?

Reflexology certification is based on the premise to protect the public and promote the advancement of the field through the recognition of competent Reflexologist who practices on a professional basis and choose to be recognized as meeting basic national standards. Certification is what is given for training received.

Is being “certified” the same as being “Licensed”?

NO – certification means you are recognized by a School or Association -License is “permission to practice” and is granted by a Local / State agency.

Are Certification Boards recognized by any State or Federal Agencies?

ALL “certification boards” are voluntary and NOT mandated. There are some states that recognize the American Reflexology Certification Board as the certifying board for Reflexology.

What does a certification get me?

A certification program consists of written work, practical examinations and documenting all of the progress that you make. By doing so, you are sure to be recognized as a trained Reflexologist by the end of the certification program.

Am I required to be certified in order to practice reflexology?

It is best to check with your local state organization for certification and license requirements. In several states certification and license is not a requirement to practice reflexology.

How much training is needed to be certified in Reflexology?

The answer to this question dependents the school that provides your Reflexology training. There are plenty of Reflexology schools that offer programs that will prepare you for Reflexology certification. Programs are different for certification from school to school, they all require at least a minimum of 110 hours of study in order to qualify. This is the standard of the American Reflexology Certification Board.

How much will it cost me to become certified?

The cost for certification usually starts at $150 to take the reflexology certification exam, and after the exam is passed; you are required to pay a fee per year to remain actively certified and 12 hours of continuing education in the field of reflexology is required every two years to ensure that you remain up to speed on the latest techniques and advancements in the field is the standard norm.

Who provides certification in Reflexology?

The certification board that provides certification for Reflexologist after receiving Reflexology certification training from a Reflexology school is the ARCB,or American Reflexology Certification Board.

Why become a Reflexologist?

  • Help others become healthy and well
  • Become a business owner
  • Work where you want to work: home; salon; health office
  • Work the hours your want: Part Time for Full Time Pay
  • Earn what you are worth: you define the income you want
  • Become an advocate for a healing art that is “chemical-free”
  • Give meaning to your life: Create your legacy and make a difference in the world

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